Wednesday, June 16, 2021

 Benue Killing: The Nigerian Army And Operation Whirl Stroke

The Nigerian army aka the civilian killing machine started operation whirl, Stroke, to dislodge the 4th most deadly terrorist organization in the world called the Fulani herdsmen and this comes days after the governor of Benue state gave his people the green light to defend themselves against this marauders called Fulani herdsmen, remember the lies we saw about the military killing 1000 cows in Nasarawa close to Benue and we only saw pictures of 4 cows.

The Fulanis in Aso Rock must think all Nigerians are dumb and stupid maybe we use to be before but Buhari opened our eyes, make no mistake even if operation whirl stroke is targeted at 3 states we all know their main target it Benue.

The one thing the Fulanis hate the most is people rising up to defend themselves, they hate it with so much passion, we have evidence and if you doubt me refer yourself to the speech made by the man who the Fulani used to kill Ironsi and Fajuyi, he said the army is working with the Fulani terrorist and we must defend ourselves and not wait for the army he said we would all die if we wait for the army, video is down below

What stopped the Fulanis in Aso Rock from Deploying the army for years to clear these killers, but the moment Benue governor gave his people green light to defend themselves the Fulani started deploying the army, and make no mistake the Fulani armies would not touch the Fulanis instead they would go to the people of Benue collect their self-defense arms and then give way for the Fulani killer to come and kill them and take over their land.

Hundreds of local government areas have been taken over by these marauders from the Sahel, I must say to the Nigerian army we know your plans because Nigerians are not stupid anymore.

The governor must stand up for his people like he has been doing, self-defense is a fundamental human right and the people of Benue must not surrender their self-defense weapons to the Nigerian army, or else you will all perish because the Fulanis are coming.

Tiv and Benue people don't be confused the Fulanis hate you and your people, remember how your brave forefathers stopped the Fulani jihad, the Fulani plans and dreams have always been to conquer you people and you must stand strong and declare your allegiance to your brothers in the south because together we are defeat these marauders.

We the Igbos have forgiven you for your participation in the civil war because the Fulanis coerced the Tiv people by making their son chief of army staff and in turn, Tiv supplied the largest men to fight on the Nigerian side during the war, you have nothing in common with the Fulanis, your forefathers fought the Fulanis and this is why you have your cultures and traditions still intact, unlike the Hausas.

Remember the Fulanis drew the first blood in 2001 when they killed an unarmed Tiv farmer who confronted the Fulanis because their cows were eating his crops the Fulanis drew their sword and killed him.

I want you people in Benue to know that the Igbos are solidly standing with you and we would die with you if need be because we all want the same freedom from the Fulanis and we have forgotten about the past, you must stand strong and raise your flag and never submit your self-defense weapons. We must stand united.

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