Sunday, June 20, 2021

 Biafra: How I Became A Fan Of Nnamdi Kanu

We all used to follow Nnamdi Kanu when he started but we Igbos in Lagos and Abuja never wanted to believe in separation we wanted one Nigeria and me basically my fear was Biafra turning into South Sudan because I know how men can be greedy for power, I was really scared because I didn't want igbos to start killing each other because of power.

I used to follow Kanu then but I never really took him serious and then bam Buhari happened and it was then I realize that one Nigeria is a scam and there is nothing one about Nigeria, the country is a complete zoo.

Fulanis control every aspects of our lives and then I realized that we are in an animal farm where some animals are bigger than the others we have no equality in Nigeria.

I am not a member of ipob but I am a biafran by blood and I won't be joining ipob anytime soon because me personally I am a humanist and a centrist in politics and I really don't like one man control like the way it is in ipob, we igbos hate dictatorship it is in our DNA so don't blame me for not joining ipob and I won't be joining massob either because of Uwazurike, I lost respect for him and I wrote about it here and I won't be joining uche mefor as well because all he does is just talk on social media, we are the biafran middlemen we won't take sides

I became a fan of nnamdi kanu when I realised that he is the only person actually doing something for the actualization of biafra and the rest just talk on the internet, Uwazurike talks about non violence but fulanis are killing your people in their farm's, uche mefor talks on the internet daily with no action on the ground and the worse part how do you get yourself involved with a known criminal called asari dokubo and I wrote here why igbos can't trust asari, I am still waiting for them to shut down the flow of oil like Uwazurike suggested but till today nothing is happening and someone should please advise Uwazurike to get air pods those big headphones are outdated.

So these are the reasons why I became a fan of nnamdi kanu even though I always disagree with him in some issues but never on our right to defend ourselves and the biafran agitation, and I wrote here telling us the kind of biafra I want where even nnamdi kanu won't be above the law and if he breaks the law he would be tried and if found guilty he would be jailed how did you become a fan a nnamdi kanu?

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