Friday, June 11, 2021

 Biafra: I Started A Petition Calling For 5 Igbo States


I have written open letters and I told Nnamdi Kanu to accept 5 states and I feel we Igbos the right to decide and I feel we can test our young democracy by organizing a referendum asking Igbos to choose if they want 5 states or not, we can't let anyone decide for us, we are Igbos and we have no kings we the people must decide.

I have written a lot to prove that some tribes in the South-South don't want Biafra and why are we wasting time, we have oil and gas and we have access to the sea so what are we still waiting for? Yes I know we have brothers and sisters in Delta and Rivers and in other places but we at not leaving them behind we need to start building our country with 5 states and then we can come back for them.

Remember Uwazurike started this struggle again in 1999 and we are in 2021 and that is 22yrs now, so you still want to wait for another 22yrs, it is very clear some tribes on the South-South don't want us, so why are we forcing them? The insult we are getting is just too much, did you guys hear what Buhari said, Buhari said that elders and youths in the South-South have assured him that they won't join Igbos and this is 1967 repeating itself again. Buhari paid then already.

So I say to Nnamdi Kanu and Uwazurike and Igbos in general, give us referendum to choose what we want or else you are just like the Fulanis, we demand referendum so we can choose if we want 5 states or not, Igbos if you support 5 states please sign the petition so they can give us referendum to choose what we want. We have no more time to waste.

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