Friday, June 18, 2021

 Biafra Land: Igbos Must Emulate China To Grow

China is a very big country but they love building tall and this is the way to go I used Shenzhen as an example almost all the buildings there are high rises and it beautifies the city so we must have a master plan and visionary leaders, we need people that can think for the future, not pot belly governors.

Most importantly we must develop our waterfronts like the one at onicha and we must build high rises because of our 5 states so we can accommodate all our brothers and sisters from all over the world because I know it would be a dream come true and Igbos would want to touchdown in Biafra even if it is just to take pictures in Biafra land.

Many people that have refused to come back would finally come back and invest in Biafra even those without papers would take a flight and come back home and land in Biafra international airport not Lagos or Abuja so going forward we must have visionary leaders and not people stuck in the past.

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