Thursday, June 17, 2021

Biafra Land: Ndi Igbo Know Your Enemies

You know during the war we faced all tribes in Nigeria including Ijaws and ikewerre and world powers, look if you are close to Kanu tell him, this nonsense of trying to fight for people that don't love you must stop, we should focus on our 5 states we already have a buffer around our border area all around Igbo land, we have Igbos in delta state, Edo state, Benue state, Kogi state, Akwa Ibom and the rest, we should stop fighting for those Igbos or those Niger Delta tribes, when we get Biafra you will see them begging to join us because Igbos are the unifying factor there, those in the Niger Delta hate themselves they hate the Ijaws especially, we already have access to the sea what do we need them for, our Igbo speaking brothers in delta state have sea access what do we need the rest for, we have oil and gas and our land is blessed.

I know many of you didn't take notice of our enemies around us during the sit at home, we had the ikewerre descendant of abandoned property thief backing like a dog with rabies saying no sit at home in his state, I watched the video where he was calling rivers South South, I support taking back the igbo land gowon gave them but for now let us focus on our 5 states.

See let us not pretend we can't beg for love, Arab countries hate the USA but you see them rushing to the USA, look we must focus on ourselves for now, let us leave those people alone when the time comes they will fight each other and some will ask to join biafra and everyone will have equal rights, do you think the Urhobo or Itesekiri man would allow the Ijaw man lord over him, please igbos let us focus on us for now.

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