Friday, June 18, 2021

 Biafra Wake Up now Open letter to delusional Igbos

We have been fighting for Biafra for many years now since 1967 and we are in 2021 and no Biafra, South Sudan started in 1955 and they got free in 2011, after bloody wars, I started a petition calling for Igbos to accept 5 states so we can start building a country because I am truly tired of Nigeria, I want a place where I can be free, where I won't be seen as Biafran boys or Omo Nna, I want freedom, I wrote here to Igbos telling us not to be like Palestine, how UN gave them some land in 1947 and they rejected it and fought a war with Israel and today after 73yrs they have no country.

I have always said it we have oil and gas and we have access to the sea, what else are we waiting for, yea we have brothers in delta, rivers and every other place, but everything is about strategy, it is funny all Igbos always mention Israel and I begin to ask do these people actually follow the history of Israel? Do they know what they call aliyah?

Israel did not start bringing Jews to the holy land until after they have finally been able to defend themselves, today all Jews from all over can make aliyah, the same thing for my brothers in delta and rivers but the difference is you will make aliyah with your land because we won't leave our ancestral land for anyone, but we must apply brains, go and look at how Israel started in 1947 and go and look at the Israel map today.

So it is funny when I see Igbos that talk based on emotions because they don't think strategically, I am a strategist and I have planned all in my head, based on research, Igbos keep shouting South South, but have you really listened to some tribes in the South South? They don't want you, the Ijaws say it openly we don't want Biafra and they even fought for Nigeria against Biafra in the civil war, so I ask what more must day do to make you people receive sense?.

It is kinda suspicious to me now, what do Igbos really want from the South South? Can't we just leave them alone and form our own country, we have access to the seas and we have oil and gas, so what else? I don't just get it.

You see Igbos chanting we would go with all our brothers, you are dragging a horse that does not want to drink water, I have warned here we should not be like Palestine and delusional Igbos should wake up and smell the coffee, some tribes in the south south don't  want you or you didn't hear Buhari say the elders and youths have assured him that they won't go with the Igbos, it is time for us to stop our superman character and actually think about us for now, Igbos think about Igbos for now, if they want to join you in Biafra let them fight for it, wake up we have no more time or else you are ready to wait for another 22yrs

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