Friday, June 18, 2021

 Biafra: Why I Can't Live With Ijaws And Ikwerre

We say only a fool learns from how own mistake, or fool me twice then it is my fault, I am a peace-loving person but I won't be fooled with fake love, I know my enemy and I won't pretend like some of you, period I can't live with Ijaws and Ikwerrres in the same country and trust me it won't end well, these people are natural-born traitors and I wrote about it here and here and here, you see I read and do enough research to know that it won't end well if Igbos stay in the same country with those 2 tribes, those are the ones that I have done my research about on how they betrayed Biafra and funniest part an Ijaw man gave us the name Biafra.

As I said I don't beat around the Bush and I won't pretend same way I am tired of staying in the same country as the Fulanis it is the same way I won't even dare stay with Ikwerrre and Ijaw in the same country, we know Ijaws are known to sell people out because they are descendants of slave traders their forefathers sold people to the white men but today they themselves are slaves of the Fulani and you see them crying at NDDC all the time, I guess there would be no more cries because Akpabio brought dollars to settle them, I attached the picture below

Ikewerre are descendants of Cain in the bible, they are treacherous and betrayals they stabbed their brother in the back for properties I wrote about them here and I attached a video for you to watch and understand

Yes people can make peace and move on like the USA and Japan, but these set of people are black and evil, and even after what they did they show no remorse and if you doubt me, the little Hitler in rivers state says Ipob can not ask people to sit at home in rivers state the man showed no remorse for 5million Igbos killed and how would he when his father stole land and properties of Igbos.

So you see with all these I listed how do you expect me to stay in the same country as these people, I strongly support IJAW nation or Ikewerre nation or whatever, but I can never stay in the same country with these people, I would rather stay in Lagos or live abroad, I already wrote to Nnamdi Kanu here and I talked about going with 5 states and I talk about the benefits of 5 states here, so please don't force people to love you and I reminded you of who we are here, we are Igbos the greatest tribe in Africa and again out only competition are the Yorubas, we won't be held down by some tribes in the Niger delta and yes we have access to the sea read more about it here, as I said I won't pretend I am just saying the truth I won't allow history repeat its self because I am smart.

akpabio with dollar to pay off militans

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