Monday, June 21, 2021

 Biafra: Why Igbos Can Never Ever Trust Asari Dokubo Part 2

If you followed this first article here of why Igbos can never trust Asari Dokubo, aside from the fact that Asari is a killer and a fraudster that made lots of money guarding pipelines and he even made a lot of money during the itsekiri Ijaw war when they fought because of oil boundaries and in the video below the man talked about how Ijaw killed itesekiri women and kids and even pregnant women and the guy in the went on to say that asari was part of the people that masterminded that war and asari is nothing but a crook.

And he talked about how in Ijaw land they have no good bridges and they still use bridges made with planks and you begin to wonder if Somalia is actually better than Ijaw land? and remember these people have oil but instead of them to be like dubai they are like Yemen and this is because of greedy people like Asari and Alfred Spiff who was chased away recently.

Now the main reason for this article is about what asari said in 2014 and today is 2021,asari told IBB that he would declare war at the right time and my people it is 7years now and asari have not even coughed and you ask what is stopping asari from stopping the flow of oil to sokoto? Is it because he is the mai guard of the oil pipelines? Don't you see it is wrong to entrust a real struggle to a crook and a man that is in bed with the Fulanis? How do you expect him to declare war when he is the one guarding the pipeline lines to the north.

We are still waiting for asari to declare war now that he is the president of biafran Customary Government, lol. Hopefully we won't have to wait for another 7yrs because he made the statement in 2014,so this and many more reasons is why the Igbos can never trust him, maybe he can be the second in command in the biafran army, lol. Because we don't trust him to be the commander because he would sell us out and open the gates for the fulanis.

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