Saturday, June 19, 2021

 Biafra: Why The Igbos Do Not Trust Asari Dokubo

If you ask me I actually support an independent Ijaw republic to save us from future problems.

No matter what Asari Dokubo does he would be seen as a Muslim first before anything and this is why I feel they should have their own county, like it or not Igbos was massacred in 1967-1970 by the Fulani Muslims and they told a Christian and a war criminal Gowon to do it and guess what the Fulanis removed the same man while he was away in Kampala.

Igbos would never allow Muslims to rule over them take it or leave it because we in this geographical expression are tribalistic like you have racism in the western world.

We can work with some tribes in the Niger Delta like Uwazurike suggested to achieve our freedom and we can go our separate ways, don't get me wrong I believe in freedom and freedom of worship you must understand South Easterners. Biafra is a Judeo, Christian, and traditional country and we are peace-loving people and we still believe in the religion of our forefathers.

The main reason why the Igbos don't trust Asari is that they feel his boss is the sultan of  Sokoto because he is the leader of Muslims in Nigeria, look I am just telling you the feelings of the people in Igbo land and they feel Asari works for the Nigerian government.

Ask yourself how hard would it be for Asari to take Uwazurike's advice, don't they want their own independent country? Igbos would die for tribes in the niger delta so that they can achieve freedom our brave fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons did it then.

The Ijaw tribe of the Niger Delta should have their own country and I think they can coexist very well with other tribes, so I support an Ijaw nation the same way I support ibom republic, so I tell asari now to fight for the Ijaw nation

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