Friday, June 18, 2021

 Biafra:1967 Playing Out Again Igbos Be Wise

Congratulations to the Ibom Republic, Let me say some Igbos are just too naive, maybe because of their properties in Lagos and Abuja they refuse to face the truth me I have a house in Lagos but I still want Biafra, it won't stop me, this was the same thing that killed Aguiyi Ironsi, how would you make people from The North your guards after a coup, really? Call me paranoid but I would never do it, The same way Buhari can't have Igbo guards.

We saw how Buhari boasted of paying off some youths and elders on the so-called Niger delta and oh don't be naive he paid them off or do you think they agreed for free?, remember the Ghana must go bag full of dollars that Akpabio took to the creeks, it was to pay them off.

We are in 1967 again where some tribes in the Niger delta betrayed the Igbos, they sold their freedom for crumbs, and imagine if they never did, Biafra would have been one of the best in the world.

I told  Nnamdi Kanu not to be like Palestine because we are the children of God, we must take the 5 states and then use our access to the sea, nobody can stop us, I wrote about it also, we don't need to keep waiting for people that have already betrayed us again for the second time.

What else must these people do to show you that they don't want you, they have made it very clear that they don't want to join you in Biafra, we must not make the mistakes of our forefathers, let us leave those people alone and go with 5 states and tribes that want Igbos can join later, you can't beg people to love you

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