Tuesday, June 8, 2021

 Biafra: Igbos Ijaws Don't Want Freedom Leave Them

I am always pissed whenever I want to write about the Ijaw problem I won't say the Niger delta problem because I know we have nothing like the Niger Delta we just have tribes there and I wrote about it here https://www.biafranboys.org/south-south-there-is-nothing-like-niger and I know many tribes in the Niger delta love the Igbos so I am not worried about it at all and I am a supporter of 5 Igbo states for now and to understand the Ijaw issue we must go back to Adaka Boro I broke the lies here https://www.biafranboys.org/biafraijaw-and-ikewerres-stop-lies-and about saying Ojukwu killed boro, do you know boro contested and won a SUG election at UNN beating 2 Igbo students? 

Igbos loved boro but boro said Tafawa Balewa is the protector of the Ijaws I didn't say it Adaka Boro did, the descendants of this man boro have been emotionally blackmailing us until I broke the lies that Ojukwu never killed boro and in fact, he was put in jail by Ironsi and he could have killed him but never did Thank God, Gowon released boro from prison and he fought against Biafra, open your eyes and read he never wanted freedom they have always wanted to be under the Fulanis like a slave remember what boro said about  Balewa, the irony is that boro never got the Niger Delta Republic and he was still killed by the same Fulani just like Fulanis killed Ken Saro Wiwa.

You need to understand the Ijaws their forefather were slave traders, they sold their brothers for money and they would always sell you, remember how the Chief betrayal Alfred Diete Spiff worked with Gowon to break the old Eastern region and today Diete Spiff has been chased away, Ijaws can never be trusted because it is in their blood to sell people but I am surprised now, that the slave traders are now the slaves themselves? Yes, we all know the Ijaws are the Fulani slaves now and again how come the Ijaws that sold people are now living in poverty even the descendants of those they sold are doing well in America, slavery curse?

A few weeks ago we saw them crying and drinking in front of NDDC gate begging for crumbs from the table while the Fulanis are buying private jets and I ask myself how come these people don't want the Niger Delta Republic like Adaka Boro wanted and oh according to historians boro never wanted any Republic he just wanted to spite the Igbo head of state Ironsi because the Fulanis told him to do it if you doubt go and read the interview his brother David granted to punch newspaper and you will understand more better.

Tompolo the Warlord gave a 7 days ultimatum for Akpabio to land in their zone and  he did and we all saw the Ghana must go filled with dollars I attached the pics, they want to share dollars to Tompolo and Co and after that, they would keep quiet and after they finish the money they would come back and start crying and if you notice nobody takes the militants serious anymore because we already know that they are scammers.

Tompolo and the rest are not freedom fighters they are crooks and thieves, they are worse than politicians, they take money from the government and do NOT use it for their people and that is why that place is like a 10th world country instead of Dubai, I think I would write an article about the so-called militants many of them have their investments outside their region if you doubt me ask Asari.

So as I said these Ijaws don't want freedom they prefer to live under the Fulanis and while the militants get billions of dollars from the Fulanis the common man over there is suffering and I say shame on all of you over there exploiting the people you are worse than Buhari, what will it take for you to fight for your own Ijaw Republic or don't you see what is going on all over Nigeria.

Yorubas and Igbo want to leave but you people that have the power to break Nigeria prefer to live as slaves, don't worry Igbos don't need your oil we have oil, form your IJAW REPUBLIC, I promise we Igbos would support you this time and you would be in charge of your oil, so Igbos stop waiting for these people because they are not ready for freedom.

And don't let Asari Dokubo deceive you with his Biafra Customary Government, they are just lies with no action, the other Day Uwazurike said the militants have the power to bring world powers to the table if they cut the flow of oil and I ask what are they still waiting for?, do it already or are you waiting for more people to die and I support  IJAW REPUBLIC because I don't know if other tribes in the Niger delta would want to join the IJAW REPUBLIC, Igbos we must not wait for them and I ask how come the tribe that sold their brothers as slaves are now slaves themselves,  slavery curse? Be the judge

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