Saturday, June 5, 2021

Adaka Boro: Ijaw and Ikewerres Stop The  Lies And Emotional Blackmail

If only people can use google search you can discover a lot of things, we need to set the record straight and stop these lies and emotional blackmail by the online Ijaws and this led me to do a little research because when we talk about Biafran freedom the Ijaws will come up with  the adaka boro story how Ojukwu arrested him or how Ojukwu killed him and the ikwerrres will come up with we are not Igbo and I got tired and decided to dig in and what did I find

I found out the people that are emotionally blackmailing us are in fact the ones that stabbed us in the back and let's rewind a bit, according to adaka boros brother David boro was a Fulani stooge and in fact he boro said tafawa balewa was the protector of the Ijaws and they had a pact and he was pissed when tafawa balewa was killed, so with the support of the North adaka boro launched a 12days insurrection against the Igbos that is the Igbo head of state ironsi and he  sent an Ijaw man to take the lead and it was crushed and he was captured and put in jail and was sentenced to death and it was overturned by the court, ironsi or ojukwu never killed him like they make you believe go and read online it is all there

So after ojukwu declared Biafra, Fulanis knew they had a stooge and someone that can fight for them so they released adaka boro and gave him support, and he formed an army which Obasanjo in his book described as the most undisciplined army,boro was loved by the Fulanis because he killed Biafrans very well but when he was growing shoulders Fulanis told col Adekunle to kill him, so I still don't understand where this emotional blackmail from the Ijaws is coming from, IGBOS NEVER KILLED BORO, FULANIS DID,you must know the ijaws reason differently,they said ojukwu never consulted adaka boro about biafra,but it was  an ijaw man that suggested the name biafra?they said ken saro wiwa joined gowon to teach ojukwu abitter lesson and I ask you who killed men saro wiwa at last?the fulanis did in the most humiliating way 

And Fulanis that adaka boro served faithful did not give him his Niger delta Republic and in fact, historians said adaka boro never wanted any Niger delta Republic, he just needed attention to ask for more allocation for his people the same way his descendants are doing today at NDDC, they must stop this useless blackmail, all they tell you is why did ojukwu arrest adaka boro and I tell them if  Awolowo can be was arrested who is adaka boro? Ojukwu arrested him did he kill him? He could have but never did and thank goodness he never did because history won't judge Igbos well today, did you see what Fulanis did to Ken Saro Wiwa, they killed him and some people say he killed Igbos during the war as well, when will the Ijaws learn? Igbos are not your enemies but I am just setting the records straight.

Now to the ikewerres I also cried when I saw what they did to my people that have lived on that land for the past 400years, during the war the British advised Gowon to split the Eastern region and form Rivers state and then he had Alfred Deite Spiff the man that was disgraced recently and chased away from his Palace and his limo was burnt, karma right? I saw the video ikwerrres killed Igbos stole their land and in fact, Igbos were at refugees camps and ikewerre were itching to go and kill them there and they were stopped by the Fulani army how ironic, and don't take my word for it the video is below, what did the Igbos do to those people I begin to wonder, we never attacked them, they supported the enemy just google ikwerrre and read for your self and in fact they didn't stop there they went to London and danced on the streets against Biafra the video is down below as well,

 According to people, they killed Igbos on the streets and took all they had, and today the same ikewerre with Igbo names say they are not Igbos just like Ngozi Okonjo Iweala will say she is not Igbo because she is from delta state and do you know their population is just 1million and we have some ikewerre that have come To terms with their history and know that they are Igbos and at this point, we Igbos don't care but we just want you to stop this emotional blackmail, even the Yorubas a tribe not related to Igbos never killed us and stole our properties in Lagos.

We must say it the ikewerre people are beast and not humans and until they apologize for what they did the blood of the Igbos they killed would forever be on their heads, we know the truth and we have video evidence so stop all the blackmail and God forbid I live in the same country as you, I won't pretend I know you hate us and I won't like you back and to the Ijaws please read, I plead with you few mins on the internet would tell you all you need to know.

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