Sunday, June 20, 2021

 Biafran Agitation: How Buhari and Nnamdi Kanu radicalized me

I was born in Lagos to a Middle-class family and growing up we never knew anything about Biafra, my parents never talked about it, and even till today,80% of my friends are Yorubas and I studied in the west, I knew a little about Massob then but I was worried about we Igbos fighting each other for power after freedom like south Sudan. most people are confused about my articles, because my loyalty is to Biafra and not any man this way I am free to write about anyone if they misbehave the slogan is GOD,BIAFRA,IGBO. Yea I am a Centrist.

I really ignored the Biafran issue, but as a Biafran, by blood, you really can't run away from it, Biafra is in our DNA, one day we would always ask questions and so I did and what changed me was when the street fighting judge called some people standing against injustice Biafran boys and that was it and boom my life changed, I used to think Nigeria can be salvaged and we can fix it, but with the recent events and me seeing the handwriting on the wall, I know Nigeria is gone, if a full-blooded Lagosian like me with investment in Yoruba land can tell you Nigeria is gone believe me Nigeria is gone, having investment in Lagos won't stop me from facing the reality.

I never used to listen to Kanu because I knew if I enter this issue I won't turn back, then Buhari started with his nepotism and Buhari started supporting his Fulani brothers to kill us with the help of the army, ask TY Danjuma the war criminal he said it that the Nigerian army is working with the Fulanis to kill us and so I started doing lots of research trying to find the best Biafran group to join and I started studying the Fulanis and discovered a pattern and I discovered they have been using the same pattern for a very long time, read my article here how Fulanis love using the Christians to do their dirty jobs when I listen to Kanu I search everything he says to be sure because I love to research. 

I wake up every morning with hate for Nigeria, everyone around me notice that something has changed, I never used to support Nnamdi Kanu's radical approach but now I do because Buhari the 1983 failure keep giving us something to chew on, I hate Nigeria with so much passion and I want nothing to do with Nigeria, I wish I can always fly from Igbo land, oh it's impossible now because the Fulanis made sure we have no airport and seaport after the war for over 50years  now tell me so you blame me for been radicalized?

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