Thursday, June 17, 2021

 Biafrans What Is Your  Ideology We Need To Make Friends

You know countries are founded on ideologies or leaders follow an ideology to build their country and make friends, like mind friends, I would give you a simple example because I don't want to go too deep, we have the right-wing and left-wing, far left, far-right and many more but in Nigeria, parties don't follow ideologies, our own is anywhere belle face which means anywhere there are benefits. as for me, I am a humanist and a centrist in politics

We all see how people jump from APC to PDP and from PDP to APC, if I ask any of you the ideology of PDP nobody would be able to give me an answer, we all know the ideology of APC, for me I know they support terrorism, maybe we should put them on the radical right-wing.LOL

Leaders build their country on ideology so they can be friends with some certain countries and this was why they killed the mother of Fela because she was moving towards communism, she was moving towards Russia. I ask Biafrans what is your ideology and who are your like mind friends, we need to define this, I know we Biafrans are republicans, And we hate dictatorship but we must remember that we need friends and allies, if the UK and the USA are refusing to support our quest for Biafra then we must look elsewhere, we can look towards the east and we can bargain with our oil and gas.

We all love Israel but for now, Israel is controlled by the right-wing and they are ready to sell weapons to the highest bidder or for something in return.During the Nagorno Karabakh War, Israel supplied weapons to Azerbaijan a Muslim country to kill Armenians a Christian country, in exchange for getting access to the Iranian border, so you see it is about interest.

We should ask for Israel and support and still look elsewhere and we must define our ideology, or maybe we as Igbos are just capitalist and Republicans and that can't change? but for now, we need friends.

Remember during the war we had very strong backing from France, but I doubt France would support us now because we are in alliance with Ambazonia, so if need be let us talk to Russia I know they didn't support us before but I am sure that they would support us now, we must talk to Russia now.

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