Saturday, June 26, 2021

 Biafra:Ojukwu Spirt Is Inside Nnamdi Kanu

Forget what you see all Igbos are ipob, massob and Biafrans, our problem is not having someone with the ojukwu spirit to take over, I swear when ojukwu was alive if he had a way to still defeat Nigeria and give Igbos freedom before he died he would have done it, the man didn't want Nigeria anymore.

We know Uwazurike strayed away from the Biafran struggle and again  Uwazurike does not have the ojukwu spirit, Uwazurike did his best but he soiled his legacy because he got compromised and started eating with politicians and ojukwu was different he did not back down, if not for food that was used as a weapon the UN would have divided Nigeria we were so close. So close.

I see the ojukwu spirit in Kanu a spirit of not backing down and wherever he is now he would be happy that someone has finally woken up to do the right thing and Uwazurike Fulanis can't give you Biafra through nonviolence they are not the British, you have been on it for the past 22yrs so when is Biafra coming? As much as we hate to admit, Kanu has the ojukwu spirit, argue with yourself.

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