Thursday, June 10, 2021

 Buhari: Nigeria Can End Boko Haram In 5 Months

Nigeria can end Boko haram In 5 months if it chooses to just like dele momodu said it's been 6yrs out of 8yrs of Buhari's years in office and everything is still done by the Fulanis, how can you ask the Sunni Fulanis to fight the Sunni terrorist.?

If Boko haram or bandits like they call them to me they are all terrorists, if they are Shia Muslims the Nigerian government would have eradicated them but because they are Sunni Muslims and Fulani, the Nigerian government can't kill their brothers, you doubt me don't you, watch the video of when the Nigeria army killed unarmed Shia protesters they killed them over 38 of them both women and kids, I watched the video myself if Boko haram was a Shia terrorist organization they would have been eradicated, by nature we are tribal and this is why Saudi and UAE can bomb Yemeni people without blinking because they are Shia Muslims and not Sunni.

This is why Iraqi Shia was able to push out ISIS from Iraq because ISIS is a Sunni terrorist organization, so you understand now

This is why the Kurds could chase ISIS away from Syria because Kurds are Kurdish before seeing themselves as Muslims, they admire their Kurdish Heritage a lot and they are Kurds before anything, Kurds are one of the people I admire, their love for equality and freedom for their women, Kurds are not your typical Muslim and this is why I say they are Kurds first with their own culture, Kurds Have  a popular saying the only friends of the Kurds are the mountains

To end Boko haram within 5months the Nigerian government should bring in Southern officers to lead the way or bring in South African mercenaries to crush them GEJ did that and Boko haram was pushed away from the Nigerian border but when Buhari came into office he changed everything,

Is it very easy to defeat Boko haram if they want to and I saw a publication of Gumi practically giving orders to the Nigerian central bank to pay bandits 100million naira, what kind of madness is this?

The president of a country pleading with bandits whereby with one phone call you can crush the bandits once and for all, you don't negotiate with terrorist you crush them, ask the Iraqis and the Kurds, they crushed ISIS,As I said Nigeria is on extra time.

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