Friday, June 25, 2021

 Buhari: Nigerians Are Suffering Like In 1983-1985

I want everyone to take a few mins of their time to read about Buhari, just type  Buhari online and everything about the failure would be revealed to you, I call him the 1983 failure because the man failed then and he has failed again now.

There is mass suffering and starvation in the land, how did we get to this level, allowing a man with no certificate to rule a country of over 200m people blessed with intellectuals and great people even a first-class university student from UNN can run Nigeria better than this dictator Buhari.

I saw a video today of how people were queuing at redeem church waiting for food and the man that shot the video was saying Nigeria never had it this bad, I mean it is worse the man already destroyed the country and nothing can save this sinking ship like titanic Nigeria is sinking and fast, Nigeria can never recover from this Buhari mismanagement, if Nigeria were to remain a country we won't recover for another 60yrs so another 60yrs of suffering and smiling. 

watch the video and judge yourself and tell me if Buhari deserves to be a president, how people actually elected a backward man like Buhari beats my imagination, the man has never done anything for humanity. we only had it this bad in 1983-1985 under this same man's regime,i mean lighting struck twice in the same place because of our lazy youths that always refuse to read, Buhari is a failure and that is his legacy.

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