Sunday, June 13, 2021

Nigerian Curse: Why Can't We Vote With NIN?

We have been following the NIN confusion and for me, after registering for my nin in 2012 I think till today all I have is the paper slip and when you want to use it at Nigerian banks they refuse it, so who do you blame, do you blame us the people? You are supposed to blame the government because they have failed the people and in don't believe in Nigeria anymore because the country is on extra time, Nigeria is like the human LIVER,even though it is failing it would keep working even at 98% until it finally stops working that is nigeria

The nin became an issue when we found out that the minister in charge and the one pushing for the NIN issue is a terror apologist and Nigerians are scared that terrorist would be in charge of their data, we all know how dangerous our data can be in the hands of terrorist-like Boko Haram and even after video evidence the Buhari government refused to sack Pantami.

The Fulanis want to control every aspect of  Nigerian life, they dictate to us and still control our data, the other day INEC was saying that they won't recognize NIN and you can't use your NIN to vote and you begin to wonder are these people alright?, why can't we use NIN  to vote when we can use it for other government issues, the answer is simple the Fulani rigging machine would be rigged out if they use NIN and they can't import their Sahel brothers and kids to help them rig the election in Nigeria and this is why they are against using NIN for elections.

Nigeria can never move forward when we have people that play on the minds of Nigerians as if we are all fools, I must let the Fulanis know that some of us are smart and we know their plan and they can rig the election if they like but to me, Nigeria is gone and can never be fixed.

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