Wednesday, June 16, 2021

 Fact Check: The Nigerian Army  Are Helping Fulani killers

Have you not always wondered like me when the Nigerian army aka the civilian killing machine would engage in a firefight with the Fulani herdsmen men like they always engage UGM, like me have you always wondered how the Fulani killers always succeed in wiping out a whole village and escape easily if you follow me you would know my writings are deep because I am a strategist and I think ahead and I am a realist, I owe no allegiance to no man but God, Biafra, Igbo that's the slogan.

Our problem in Nigeria is that we don't ask questions and we don't know our history, I wrote about the DSS here,  how they once had an island where they keep political prisoners not many of us knows this, I would continue to ask deep questions that we Nigerians always refuse to ask or pretend does not exist.

Again how do the Fulanis wipe out villages and no gunfight with the army or police or no military intelligence on their plans, is it that the police and military intelligence is dead in Nigeria, we must ask these questions, how do these killer herdsmen get away and disappear after killing and this bring me to TY Danjuma

I already wore about him here and TY Danjuma is the class of 1966 in the same class as Buhari, the ones that have destroyed Nigeria till date, the man came on national TV and accused the army of providing cover for Fulani killers, I attached the video below, for me, I believe TY Danjuma because he is saying the truth.

The Nigeria. Army provides cover for Fulani killers, there is no other logical answer to the questions above, there is no way the Fulanis can kill in Benue and Ebonyi and disappear into thin air if the Nigerian army is not providing them with cover, so we must ask the Nigerian army to invite TY Danjuma to a public debate and defend themselves and remember TY Danjuma was not invited by the DSS after he made that statement, so just like TY Danjuma said Igbos protect yourself if you don't want to die.

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