Sunday, June 13, 2021

 Biafra War: Who Would Have Thought That The North Would Suffer Today

I was reading the news today 2.2 million people displaced in the NorthEast and 37,000killed and take note not by Igbos but by their brothers the same Sahel marauders they invited to remove Goodluck Jonathan and take note this is just the North East and if you read my articles I always Emphasize on history because you must always know where you are coming from and where you are going to, I always Imagine them popping champagne after the genocidal civil war defeating Igbos.

The first coup happened in Nigeria which was termed an Igbo coup OK we agreed you win the argument and then the Fulanis retaliated and killed an Igbo head of state back then, I wrote about it here and then went ahead to kill 30,000 Igbos and in fact the most specific one was at the airport a plane that was coming from London on a layover in the North, Fulanis soldiers came screaming and asking where are the yamiri a derogatory word used against Igbos and they Slaughtered them and even the Igbo customs officers running away they shot them in the runway.

And these are the ones we know and they went ahead to kill 30,000 and then Ojukwu said no we can't stay with you anymore we want our own country and I wrote here why Ojukwu was right to declare Biafra because if he did not we Igbos would have hanged him at the market square and many Igbos escaping the North were killed in Benue by the Benue people for the Fulanis. 

Ojukwu and Gowon went to Aburi and he said OK we won't leave Nigeria but let us go back To regionalism so everyone can have control of their region and they refused and killed us and remember it was an Igbo man that changed the system because he wanted control and order after the coup but he was wrong, he was naive and they killed him. 

Now today I was sitting here thinking to myself who would have thought that in 2021 we would see the North that killed us without mercy because we asked for freedom, would be ravaged by the deadly terrorist, I mean ISIS of West Africa they have a base in the North their region is completely damaged, plagued with killers and bandits.

Today the home towns of Gowon and TY Danjuma have been ravaged by Fulanis from mali and even the hometown of Babangida.

Who would have thought that the people of Benue that helped the Fulanis kill Igbos would be ravaged by marauders today, Benue is bleeding and in fact, I have written why Igbos should support the people of Benue here

Who would have thought that the ones in our backyard we all know them because when I  say can their names they start ranting and shouting, lol. today they don't have clean water, their land is totally destroyed, they can't farm, their land is polluted and in fact it is a total disaster.

Who would have thought that Yorubas today would be asking for freedom the same thing most of them fought us against then and today nobody would have imagined that Yorubas would be refugees in the Benin Republic but I thank God for koiki and Sunday Igboho I am a fan and I support them and in fact I can. Fight for Yorubas nation just like Victor banjo did for Biafra because I was born and raised in Lagos.

Who would have thought that the ikwerres that killed and stole the land of their brothers would be suffering from environmental pollution and chronic poverty 

Who would have thought that today the people that would chase the chief traitor Alfred deite spiff  and burn his house and limo and that the tribe that chased him would an Igbo-speaking dialect? 

If you look at it the only Victor here are the Igbos because against all odds we still came back on top and the Yorubas are our only competition the rest are lost and confused. 

Today, if Nigeria breaks Yoruba, can stand alone, but the North can not because we have Fulanis and Hausa and the Hausa might decide to take their land back from The Fulanis and oh you didn't know Hausa are the majority in the North and the Middle belt they can decide to form their own middle belt Republic and the tribes in the Niger Delta would be scattered because the Itsekiri man won't allow the Ijaw lord over him so there is going to be real chaos.

Many Igbos would want to mock these people that ganged up against us but I won't because Think again and tell me Igbos the descendants of 20  pounds and the descendants of the heroes and heroines are not God's children, I am proud to be Igbo and in my next life, I still want to be Igbo.

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