Wednesday, June 23, 2021

 Congratulations To Shiek Gumi The Spokesman Of  Terrorist aka Bandits

Congratulations to the north on reaching 100k bandits, Hurray and I said to myself thank you Jesus when I saw the news, I was so happy for them, oh please I know you are happy as well, as an Igbo man I am filled with so much joy and I said to myself now let them destroy each other, oh do you blame me for saying that I am happy that the North has 100k bandits now? Gumi said bandits should guard the forest.LOL..Nigeria is a zoo,Kanu was so right

Well don't blame me these people are ripping what they sowed and I wrote about it here, they brought in these killers to remove GEJ and now it backfired and you expect me to pity them hell no I have no pity for them, let them suffer just like they made us suffer and killed 5million of us and it is called karma. a few days ago they threatened to repeat 1966 on Igbos,I wrote about it here and you want me to pity them, no I won't and I won't pretend because I am a realist, and even though I am a humanist and a centrist, Fulanis don't deserve any mercy because they are marauders, they show us Igbos no mercy so why should I show them mercy? 

I am so happy that the North would be another Afghanistan in West Africa and they would know no peace as long as they keep on killing innocent Igbos and they are refusing to let us go and so we can have our own country and like Nnamdi Kanu said, after they have pushed their Fulani Nigerian military to the south they would all die there and the ones that would escape would have no home To return to because the terrorist aka bandits would have taken over their land.

So the North must celebrate as they have reached 100k bandits and more to come and I hope they really and truly enjoy their harvest because we in the south do not care and any Igbo man in the North is on his or her own already begged them to leave here and I do not care anymore, congrats once again to the spokesman of the terrorist aka bandits sheik Gumi.

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