Monday, June 14, 2021

 Boycott Cow Meat: To Yoruba And Igbo Pomo Eaters

Before you remove my head I am Igbo but I won't be a hypocrite and we must make sacrifices to achieve our goal and I wrote here telling Igbos to leave the North and after I listen to a rep in the North threatening to take Igbo properties in Abuja I wrote another letter here again telling Igbos to leave the North and I wrote here asking Nnamdi Kanu when he would ask Igbos to leave the North and even though I wrote here saying Igbos called the Fulani bluff well I think it is time to come back home, start investing in Igbo land, don't lose your properties like your forefathers did in Port Harcourt.

I also blasted Ohaneze here when they were crying about onions and I asked them what they have been doing about agriculture in Igbo land didn't they learn that many people died of starvation During the war and now the people in the North said they will stop sending some foodstuffs to the north and I am telling them these people can even kill you without firing a shot.

I saw Uwazurike giving Hausas money for their cow truck that was burnt and they actually said the cow belongs to Igbos and I ask what King of hypocrisy is this, you keep saying you don't want Fulanis but you keep on importing cows from their region, you say you want Biafra but many Igbos are in the North and you know when the problem start they would kill them like they did in 1966 this time they can actually fight back or leave that place, 

So I was surprised at the hypocrisy of Igbo businessmen still bringing cows from the North, you can start your own cattle farm and see how the Fulanis would run away when you no longer buy their cows, import cows, and leave the Fulani cow if you don't want them in your region, maybe when Biafra is free them you can resume trade and it would be based on mutual respect.

We all know how Yorubas love cow meat and I  watched a video when the Ibadan market fight happen and Yorubas were raining curses on people from the North as they all walked in a straight line along the road they called them all sorts of names like animals, I know because I speak Yoruba, and they told them to leave and never come back and then you see the Yoruba businessmen going behind to import cows from the North and there are rumors that most of these cows that eat peoples crops in the south are actually owned by Southerners.

I am a realist and I say it the way it is, if Yorubas don't want the Fulanis then they should boycott cow meat that is the way it is done, and Igbos If you don't want Fulanis boycott cow meat and you would see the Fulani issue fade away a bit because you say you don't want Fulanis but you eat cow meat and then buy cows from them, why can't you buy cows from elsewhere where or start your own cattle farm, this double standard is pissing me off, in future, you can do business with Fulanis based on mutual respect and in fact, you travel down there buy the cows and bring it to the south and straight into your ranch.

Lastly, you can not make progress in life if you are not ready to sacrifice and for me, I don't eat cow meat, because it is not even healthy, I eat goat meat and chicken, you can do this. Build a ranch take all your money buy cows and start a cattle business and leave the Fulanis we can't eat our cakes and have it. Boycott cow meat now.

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