Thursday, June 17, 2021

 Crude Oil: Is Some Part Of The Niger Delta Cursed Or Blessed

I was watching a documentary on vice News about the Niger Delta and while watching it I was getting very very angry, I was saying to myself how did a land so blessed like this become so poor? Did God make a mistake to give these people crude oil? Is crude oil a blessing or a curse? I attached the video below so you can watch it

I saw how the land has been destroyed and the rivers populated and the soil is dead, I saw how people there are living in total poverty, and in fact, Somalia is even better, I was shocked

Illegal refineries all around the creeks and it is definitely sponsored by the rich because let's face it you need money to be able to operate an illegal refinery so the rich people run them and steal the crude and sell on the black market.

I saw where they sell illegal oil according to the government and I ask when and how did it become illegal to sell what I own? I watched how the useless civil defense led by a Fulanis he name is Haruna, he came with his men and destroyed many barrels of oil and emptied them into the river, I was shocked, I am like is there no other way to destroy them instead of polluting the rivers? are these people mad? Why can't they take it to a northern desert and dump it there, we know nothing grows in the desert anyways.

Many blessed countries in the world today have no oil and they are the best, but the Niger Delta with oil are still suffering after 50yrs, do you think they would ever be like Dubai or Qatar? Nah I don't think so because we have the greedy ones like the traitor that was chased away Alfred Diete Spiff and Edwin Clark and Asari Dokubo and Tompolo all getting money from the Fulanis and remember Asari have almost all his investments in Cotonou.

While I was watching the video I was mad and pissed and I wonder why a region so blessed with crude would be suffering like slaves and the worse part is that these same people prefer to still live as slaves, they are refuse to stand up and fight for their own country, I saw Edwin Clark talking the other day about what Buhari said and I was expecting the 94yr old man to say they want their own country but he never did, in fact, I am getting more pissed typing this let me stop and to me, I think the crude oil is a curse to them.

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