Wednesday, June 16, 2021

 Dino Melaye: Buhari Is The Greatest Scam Of All Time.

Those were the words of Dino Melaye a senator in Nigeria, as much as I don't like a man that flaunts his wealth to people he partly impoverished on social media but  I must just take the message and leave the messenger, a country with millions of poor people put into poverty by the same politicians we must just take the message and leave the messenger.

Dino was the part of people that supported Buhari, hell in his own words he was in every Buhari's rally during the election time and watching the public apology he tendered to the greatest politician in Nigeria GEJ, he said he can see the light and he said something that shocked me that despite all the insults he rained on GEJ he was never arrested and that is freedom and he went on to say after he fell out with APC he was arrested by Buhari almost 20 times if u am not wrong, this was a man he supported against GEJ

Dino is forgiven by GEJ and the people but politicians must learn to always put the people first instead of their selfish interest and this is why they support evil and refuse to speak up, Dino can not tell me he was not born during Buhari's military regime, Buhari was a disaster and a dictator did Dino forget that?, even me I was a baby then but with what I read about Buhari I can never give him my vote.

If they teach us history in schools Inec should not even allow Buhari to pick up the form in fact Buhari should have been banned from running for political office in Nigeria, because a disaster remains and would always be a disaster for a dictator us always a dictator they don't change.

Now they have destroyed Nigeria and the country is broken already, Nigeria is broke and NNPC is broke, they milked Nigeria dry.

In the new Yoruba nation and Igbo nation politicians entrusted with power must work for the people and not their own personal and selfish interests.

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