Thursday, June 17, 2021

 Exposed: Man Expose Ijaws, Asari Dokubo As A Fraud, And  Killers

While on Facebook Street I came across a guy maybe he is Urhobo I don't know but he had enough info about Asari Dokubo and I attached the video below and this is like first-hand information about the Itsekiri and Ijaw war and I knew I was right about the Ijaws, they come online to try and emotional blackmail Igbos with Adaka Boro, I broke the lies here and I told us here that Ijaws don't want freedom.

The guy talked about how Ijaws would go to a village and killed all Itsekiri people both women, pregnant women and children and I was shocked, so the Ijaws actually committed those atrocities and we heard nothing about it, how did they hide it? Even me I never knew

The guy said because of boundaries for oil Wells the Ijaws almost wiped out the Itsekiri and I was right when I said I can't live in the same country with the Ijaws I wrote about it here, I don't hate them but I prefer them to have their own country Ijaw nation

So please before any Ijaw would come online and talk about the Fulani stooge Adaka boro always remind him of how they killed Itsekiri women and children because of oil boundaries

He also talked about Asari Dokubo how he made millions from that crisis and I wrote why Igbos can't trust asari dokubo and he talked about how asari also partook in the killings as well and I attached a pic of how asari looked like before he was given a contract worth billions to guard pipeline to Sokoto while his people live in abject poverty and the man even have houses and businesses in Cotonou

So they say If you live in a glass house don't throw stones so before any Ijaw man tells you lies about adaka boro, remind him how Ijaws killed itsekiri women,pregnant women and children because of  oyel.

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