Thursday, June 17, 2021

 Fajuyi Was A Hero That Should Be Remembered And Cherished In Igbo Land

I was watching one of my favorite radio political host Edmond Obilo the man have no fear and he says it like it is if only other journalist can be like him, I greet you Edmond Obilo, I have been listening to you since in 2012 on splash FM every Saturdays I don't joke with your show.

I watched your Interview where you interviewed the storyteller Chief Lekan Alabi and I had chills running through my spine,he narrated how TY Danjuma and Co killed Ironsi and Fajuyi.

Fajuyi is a forgotten hero and our new Igbo generations must accept this fact, it takes courage to die with another man, he could have said OK take him but he was loyal to the core and these are traits we don't have now in this present generation.

I don't care what has happened between our Igbo and Yoruba ancestors we must come. Together and work together, Ironsi trusted Fajuyi with his life and In return, Fajuyi was loyal to the last

In my opinion, Fajuyi is an unsung hero and all Igbos must appreciate what he did for our brother Ironsi

We know our enemy and we must face then or else we would be in this perpetual slavery for another 20yrs

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