Sunday, June 20, 2021

 France When Will You Stop The Genocide In Cameroon

We Biafrans are closely watching what is going on in Ambazonia, the French are supporting the government there to kill civilians, when will you end the civil war going on there, why are you world powers bloodsuckers? How many people do you want to die before you put an end to the war?

Ambazonia is a self-declared state, internationally considered an autonomous anglophone federal state of the UN-created Cameroon federation through resolution 1608(xv) in 1961, they are different from the French-speaking part why are you still Forcing them to be together?, can't you just give them freedom and let them go?

As much as we value your support for Biafrans during the genocidal Nigerian civil war we must say the truth, France and Britain stop the war going on in Cameroon, people are dying  stop the war and give them freedom.

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