Tuesday, June 22, 2021

 Fulani Cows Invade Ijaw Land

You know we mostly think the Fulani herdsmen menace is happening in Benue, South West of South East, it is happening in the old Eastern region called Bayelsa today and rivers state and In some parts of rivers state where they have little farmland not destroyed by crude oil Fulanis won't even let them go to their farms, the Fulanis are really terrorizing them there and that is why the little Hitler is insisting on banning open grazing.

We all know the Ijaws have become Fulani slaves and they proudly say that they prefer to be with the Fulanis instead of the Igbos and guess what the Igbos don't even want you because we don't need you and we have access to the sea, we only have a deal with the Ibom Republic and remember what adaka boro the Fulani stooge said balewa is the protector of the Ijaws, lol. Really?

So before any Ijaw would come online and mock us about Fulani herdsmen please show them this video below the Fulanis have taken over Ijaw land with their cows after all Fulanis are the protector of the Ijaws and remember what Buhari said that elders and youths have assured him that they won't go with Biafra, so Ijaws enjoy your master-slave relationship with the Fulanis and what beats my imagination is that how come a tribe that sold people as slaves are now slaves themselves? Is God not wonderful?

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