Wednesday, June 23, 2021

 Fulani Man Threatens Igbos With Another 1966 Pogrom

I was watching this video below by Awwal Abdullahi Aliyu  and the man was talking about how they used northern groundnut money to build refineries in the south and how the North is not a parasite to the rest of Nigeria and he talked about how they deserve compensation from the south Eastern governors or he rather ordered the southeast governors to pay the northerners and he actually gave them time, this is an insult to the Igbos and I have never seen where a group of Igbos give orders to the Northern governors, did they pay compensation for Igbos they killed in 1966?pay close attention to the 5:08 part in the video

Nigeria is not supposed to be one and we must blame the British for this, the man kept on saying my people or Igbos, in France, we have French people and we have Germans in Germany, do we have Nigerians in Nigeria? Capital NO, we just have different people that was forcefully joined by the British and remember in 1953 the North wanted to leave I guess there was no oil money then and now that they have seen oil they have sunk in their teeth and don't want Nigeria to break up and the man talked about how they found oil in the North.

Now what really got my attention and many people really ignored it, the fulani man made mention of how they killed Igbos in 1966 and he said they can still do it again but they won't, it is so funny that this did not get the attention of everyone or didn't you all watch the clip, a man just threaten Igbos with what they did in 1966, how they killed 30,000 Igbos even before the civil war in 1967. imagine reminding us about how you killed us in 1966, I mean innocent people and you are saying you can kill us again and there is no outrage and the DSS is not arresting anyone? With this injustice, Nigeria can never know peace until we finally break up.

He went ahead to talk about how people in the North have zero investment in the southeast and Igbos would have a lot to lose, I say to Igbos in the North I would have no pity for you, I have written an open letter asking you to leave the North gradually, how stupid can you even be to go and invest in the North, don't you people read history, 30,000 of your people were killed over there.

As much as many of you like to say nothing day happen, well I can already see it and something day happen, they have been giving you warnings and you are refusing to listen and I tell you as I wrote here, the North knows that if they attack Igbos now that Nigeria would break so their imams and politicians have been telling their foot soldiers to wait and see if they can try and salvage Nigeria.

Trust me the moment the Fulanis realize that they can't salvage Nigeria, they would start a war and start killing Igbos in the North, at least they must kill small to exact some sort of let's say goodbye killing, I say to Igbos use your tongue and count your teeth and remember only a fool learns from his own mistake.

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