Friday, June 25, 2021

 Fulani Revenge: You People Should Study The Fulanis

Look I have talked about it here how Nigerians don't know their history and how it was Britain that told the Fulanis to hide history from our school, it is a shame that the largest population of black people on earth do not know their history, for me I was self-educated and with everything going on now you have to read and study you have no choice.

Nobody knew the Fulanis pattern before I wrote about it here all we always hear was Hausa we never knew the main people controlling the country are Fulanis and it was recently because of reading and Nnamdi Kanu helped as well to dissect the Fulanis and I had to study them and I did my own dissection as well, I discover the Fulanis pattern I wrote it about here, how they always know how to use Christians and divide us, they use us against each other basically, from far away north they used Adaka Boro to distract Aguiyi Ironsi, and many others, go and read about the 1966 pogrom the killing of Igbos in the North.

That alone would make you understand them better they are not the fools that we think they are or just cow herders like we see them they are not as smart as the Igbos but they mastered the act of division and they can use that weapon very well, the southern problem is unity and you ask how hard is it for a region to band together and confront the other side, it is because Fulani always you the weapon of division and this was why they got so angry when the southern governors broke let's say that juju also know as voodoo and met for the first time after how many years.

I was watching a video where Fulani killed 39 people at Ibarapa, Ibadan and many of you might not know Ibarapa, that was the place that the Yoruba freedom was born and the father is Sunday Igboho, the seriki Fulani was chased away after so many atrocities by the Fulanis, they kept on killing the locals, they take lands by force, they destroy your farmland, farmers know how hard it is to plant even me I was struggling to plant Aleo vera one time until I finally got it right, most times I say prayers for my plant, it is like your pet, then someone will come from Mali and come and destroy It, it is painful and remember the Fulanis are known for revenge.

You think what is happening to Benue is not revenge for stopping their jihad in 1804? read more about it the brave forefathers of Benue people stopped those marauders from coming down South and the Oyo empire stopped them as well, so we must understand that Fulanis are all about revenge and if you doubt me the Fulani herdsmen in Chief and midget as he is famously called Elfuai said it and I quote we will write this for all to read, anyone, soldier or not that kills the Fulani takes a loan repayable one day no matter how long it takes and I knew the Fulanis won't let what happened at Ibadan slide.

I knew they would come back for revenge because they are the law around here they don't obey the law, they are the government if you doubt me go to any Fulanis settlement in southern Nigeria and misbehave to a Fulani man you will understand better he will kill you and nothing will happen, remember TY Danjuma the man that participated in the countercoup one of the people that have destroyed Nigeria cried and said that the Nigerian army is working with the killers, I attached the video below and remember he himself is a military man. I was expecting the Ibarapa people to be prepared for ever until Yorubas breaks from the Fulanis, that is the Fulani trademark and they are all involved, you doubt it eyewitness have confirmed this  Fulani pattern when Fulanis in a certain area just wake up and leave, just know that they are coming to attack so leave the area if you don't have self-defense weapons they are master killers, they know how to murder people in their sleep, I call them cowards anyways.

So lastly take some time and study the Fulanis and if you do you won't be surprised anymore remember what they tried to do in Lagos between Igbos and Yorubas, that failed on arrival and their voodoo is forever broken, from today take note every village where you have chased Fulanis away please defend your self because they would come  the famous word of Nnamdi Kanu, he told world Igbo Congress he said they would come and they did, it might take long but they would come, how long do you think it takes to walk from Mali to Nigeria?, we must defend ourselves and the famous words of TY Danjuma the Coupist he said and I quote the army if giving cover to these killers and if you look up to them for protection you will all die.

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