Friday, June 25, 2021

 Fulani Threatens To Kill Igbo Man On His Land

I was pissed and angry when I was watching this video below, I was filled with anger and rage, the audacity of the Fulanis in Nigeria is mind-blowing, ok this is what happened an Igbo man came to his farm and found Fulanis, young boys with their cows grazing on his farm, he planted yam and some vegetables and you know in Igbo land yam is very important just the way yam is very important to the Ekiti Man, this Fulani boy used their cows to destroy the man's farm and while the man was complaining and making a video the Fulani boy came over to the man and grabbed his phone.

In fact, I don't know what to call this, we don't even have rights in our own land, some people from Mali are telling us what to do on our own land, if you watch the video the Fulani collected the phone and then told the Igbo man that he would kill him, read carefully he said  kill and not beat, now you understand the Fulanis, they love to kill and it is in their blood to kill and the most annoying part the Fulani said he would go and report the man to the police, is this not madness.

What King of a country is this? Were your crops get eaten by the Fulani and they threaten to kill and arrest you and this is for Igbos still shouting one Nigeria, I hope you see your lives now and it is time for everyone to wake up and defend yourselves just like TY Danjuma said , the time is now to defend yourselves or else the Fulanis would kill u and take over your land.

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