Wednesday, June 23, 2021

 Fulanis: The Major Cause Of Culture Clash In Nigeria

Even a blind man knows that Nigeria would break up and we all know Nigeria is a scam and how can a company turn into a country yes Nigeria was a British company before they decided to join people with different cultures and backgrounds together, in my opinion, Nigeria should have never been one because we are different people and we have nothing in common, the Fulanis have a lot in common with the Arabs.

Now you need to understand the Nigerian structure and why we are not one today and why we have cultures clashes, like in the North Hisba bandits would destroy your beers, in the south, we eat pork, a country should not be so divided like this, so read below and see why Nigeria is like water and oil they can never mix, we have different value systems.

South East. Christian, Jews, traditional religion

Egalitarian society, leaders are called Ezes, political decision making is democratic, status is acquired true one's ability to solve society issues, respect is given to those who create wealth and not those who inherited it, Igbos appreciate wealth creation through hard work, this is why many champions of Nigerian industry are of Igbo ancestry, the literacy rate in 1960- 19.2%

Hausa Fulani like they call themselves... Muslim, live in feudal society for many years, a large population are ruled by theocratic elites, composed of emirs and sultans, who doubled as religious leaders and civil compliance is a religious duty, generally not open to new ideas, submissive to the theocratic establishment, rejects western education and favors Islamic education, the literacy rate in 1960 -2%

Yorubas, Christian, Muslim, and traditional religion they are a halfway house between the Igbos and Hausa Fulani, less autocratic than the Hausa Fulani but not as democratic as the Igbos, for centuries Yorubas societies were rules by Kings called Obas, culturally Yorubas are a bit similar to the Igbos in their appreciation for individual drive and ambition, however, they tend to channel their energy towards excellence in the arts and academia as opposed to industry and wealth creation like the Igbos.

Yoruba society go along well with the Igbos which is very evident till today because you would never hear them fight, but you see Yorubas fight with Hausa Fulanis all the time, The main culture clash is the Hausa Fulani against the Igbos and Yorubas

Prior to the colonial era, the Yoruba empire has for many years suffered waves of jihadi attacks by the Islamic Sokoto caliphate of the North led by the Marauder Usman Dan fo dio, so Igangan didn't start today.

Now this little crash course would make you understand why Nigeria can never move forward and why Nigeria can never be a country, like we have the French in France and the Germans in Germany

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