Tuesday, June 15, 2021

 Biafra: George Washington Or Mahatma Gandhi

I was watching a video posted by Uwazurike the leader of Massob where he was cursing or let's say abusing Igbos for supporting Nnamdi Kanu and if you don't know Uwazurike he was the man that started Massob in 1999, yes 1999 and we are in 2021 today and this man says he is following the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi and in fact, he even went to India to study just to prove himself right, but guess what we are dealing with the Fulanis here and not the British,fulanis are not civilized people they don't care about dialogue and remember ojukwu went to aburi to discuss regionalism with gowon and then the fulanis told gowon to reject it and then they started the war to kill igbos and as I said I already lost respect for Uwazurike and I wrote about it here https://www.biafranboys.org/uwazurike-apologise-to-kanu-why-i-lost

So Mahatma Gandhi style won't work in Nigeria with the Fulanis and Uwazurike have been doing this since 1999 and I heard they also killed Massob members and I ask Uwazurike do you just want to live a luxury life that was why you choose mahatma Gandhi, I saw your house and cars, look I would give you an example of Arafat, he started with violence and he then changed to non-violence and he even won an award and I ask Uwazurike would u continue to sit and watch as Fulanis kill your people? What did you do when Fulanis were killing Igbos in their farms? Did you give them money like you gave the Hausas at your house? You gave the Hausa cow dealers 1million naira and please I need to see where you actually visited those that Fulanis killed and gave them money.

Must we wait for another 22 years for Biafra, Uwazurike style, I repeat Fulanis are not the British, as much as I hate violence I have no choice but to support the George Washington style of taking it if George Washington did not fight the British America would be a British colony today like Australia, so I tell Uwazurike to wake up and stop eating Igbo peoples money in the name of Biafra, for how long shall we keep waiting and I don't support the burning of cows but you should have done your investigations, locals said the truck killed kids and they burned it down, I just wish Igbos like Uwazurike can actually do something instead of fighting the man that is actually doing something Nnamdi Kanu.

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