Monday, June 7, 2021

 Igbos Have Been Vindicated: Ojukwu Was Right To Declare Biafra

I was watching a video of a man I follow and respect Sunday Igboho during his rally at Akure and in fact, I had goosebumps, the crowd was too much in fact no politician can pull that kind of crowd in the southwest and remember he was not sharing money to anyone, people trooped out because of the love for their country Yoruba Nation, in fact, the crowd was too much and the only person with the same kind of crowd in the South East is Nnamdi Kanu.

Many years after the first genocidal civil War where the Nigerian government with her Fulanis and Arab brother killed Igbos with weapons supplied by the white witch Britain, all we asked for was freedom and nothing else and remember before the war Igbos were killed in the North over 30,000, so what do you expect Ojukwu to do and in fact if Ojukwu didn't declare Biafra we Igbos would have hanged or stoned him to death because he would be seen as a coward and we Igbos are not cowards if you doubt me ask Obasanjo that took a Biafran bullet in his behind.

Fast forward today many things that caused the civil war was is still happening today and today we Igbos are not the only ones that want freedom, the middle belt, Yorubas also want freedom, Ojukwu smile in your grave sir because you did the right thing and we the new generation of Igbos are proud of you and continue to rest in peace and we are going to raise the Biafran flag in our land soon.

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