Wednesday, June 16, 2021

 Yorubas Have Lagos And Fulanis Have Abuja What Do Igbos Have

First, I say to Igbos stop investing in Lagos and Abuja, I count myself as a Lagos boy because I was born in Lagos and I lived in Lagos all my life, I have 1 house in Lagos, others are in Enugu, as an Igbo man we know we don't come from Lagos Yorubas never took the properties of the Igbos unlike the blood-sucking ones in the so-called rivers states.

We Igbos know Nigeria is not one but we so much wanted a one united Nigeria but our problem is that we hate injustice an Igbo man can never stand injustice we don't care who you are if you like be trump.

I can tell you  Igbo man had hoped not to see a day like this but somehow we knew it would come we wanted one Nigeria so much because we have moved on from the war and this is why Igbos in Lagos and Abuja don't want to hear the word Biafra or agitation it is just because of their investments if you doubt me ask Peter Okoye one half of Psquare, these guys have invested in Lagos and I say to them don't worry even with a free Biafra you can still live in Lagos the Yorubas are educated people and they would follow international law even when they had the chance to take Igbo properties they did not, do you think they would in this internet age of course not they won't do such the Yorubas are blessed and can't stoop so low, you don't know them like I do.

Yes no lie Igbos have invested so much in Lagos and I am not asking you to stop but take 90% of your investment to Igbo land, leave Lagos and Abuja alone, they are not your land let's be realistic because I am a realist, no matter how long you stay in Yoruba land you still remain an Omo Nna or in Abuja you are still Biafran boys if you doubt me ask the Northern so-called street fighting judge and let me state here now those words from that man opened my eyes and made me identify with my Igbo identity like never before and I know there are still confused Igbos in Lagos and Abuja I say to you change your mindset because Nigeria is on extra time and I wrote to them here and here

It is time to build Igbo land we can turn Igbo land to China if we want to because remember we have no other place but our land, so the rich ones build in the southeast and support your own.

Governors should start by using locally made cars eg INNOSON or at least 60% should be local and 40% foreign because I know you greedy men love Toyota Prado, it should be an official policy by the Eastern Governors and it would be so In the new Biafra or tell Toyota and the rest to bring their companies to Igbo land.

I plead with my brothers and sisters let us think Igbo land first split your investments, invest more and create jobs for your people and turn Igbo land to China because we have no other place to call home, our brothers in Asia and they see how they run the life there we can replicate the same in Igbo land.

Lastly, leave Lagos and Abuja alone I watched a video yesterday of Northerners openly looting shops in Abuja a nobody could do anything again Igbos leave Lagos and Abuja alone.

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