Sunday, June 27, 2021

 Heartless: When Would Fulanis Apologise For The People They Have Killed

I am listening to Yeye Dara now a Yoruba woman activist and the woman is a fierce lioness and I must say I respect her a lot, she is making some sense, she is talking about how Fulani gave southeast and southwest 30days to pay them back, imagine such audacity from the Fulanis. She said the Fulanis don't even care about the people that they have killed and the farmland that they have destroyed. She is talking about the Yoruba nation rally in Lagos on July 3rd, when would Fulanis pay compensation for farmlands they destroyed and people they have killed?

She talked about how Buhari disgraced Tinubu by saying that don't sit down in Lagos and determine what happens in  Abuja and what was a TKO from Buhari straight toTinubuin my opinion

She talked about how Sanwo-Olu is a Tinubus dog and he tried to get closer to Buhari during the end sars issue and Buhari snubbed him, he went to Abuja to see Buhari and Buhari refused to see him.

She talked about how mc Oluomo can't even construct pidgin English, we all know mc Oluomo cant speak English, and not that it matters to me anyway because we are not English men, but it is bad when mc Oluomo can't even speak pidgin Haba. Lol

If you understand Yoruba I would want you to follow this woman because she's got a lot of wisdom and she is fearless and she reminds me of our Igbo mothers during the Aba riots and also the egba riots and our women are strong and not like the Fulanis that tame their women or which protest have the Fulani women or even Hausa women lead? Let me guess nada

She talked about how the Lagos rally would tell us where  Gani Adams stand  and that day would decide the future of the Yoruba nation and on that day the Yorubas shall know who is for them and who is not, I urge mc Oluomo to control his thugs because Yorubas are tired of Fulanis 

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