Tuesday, June 29, 2021

 Hero Kanu: Today Is The Saddest Day In Igbo History

After the genocidal civil war in 1967 today is one of the saddest days in Igbo history, look I am not a member of ipob but I am smart enough to know that we are all ipob, because ipob is fighting for us all, today is a worse day for me, I could not even concentrate at work, as much as Kanu surrendered himself I still don't like it because he didn't tell us who is taking over from him, maybe an audio would be released soon

If you are Igbo and you are depressed today after hearing that Kanu surrendered then you are a true Igbo man and if you are Igbo and you are happy then may the gods of the land feed you to Fulani bandits and even Uwazurike won't be happy because he knows Kanu is doing a good job, I want to see Uwazurike lead protest now.

In fact, I am so pissed today and sad and it is as if my whole world crumbled, but Igbos we have to be strong, forget the attacks coming from everywhere on the internet, now is the time we have to show Kanu that we are not cowards, we have to show him we are behind him forever till death.

My fellow real Igbos let us encourage each other and fight back online, we must face these Igbo enemies head-on online, and now is not the time to back down, you know me I won't back down as long as I have Internet, the battle has just started.

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