Sunday, June 20, 2021

 How Did It Start:Share Your Biafran Struggle Story

As a young man born and raised in Lagos my parents never really talked about the war and with history scrubbed from our schools by the Fulanis it was really hard to know anything about what happened then and you know many Lagos and Abuja Igbos don't really take Biafra serious because of our investments in Lagos and Abuja, we always pray that the day would never come but guess what we can't run away from it and Biafra is the only place that we can be free and with Biafra other tribes would respect us because we would be dealing with each other as countries.

I have always known some little about Massob but I didn't follow up the story and even Nnamdi Kanu, I wasn't really interested, but everything blew up when Buhari took over then we began to see the man's hate for Igbos and this woke me up and I realize that one Nigeria is a scam and I want Biafra now more than ever regardless of my house in Lagos,.

My own journey started when the street fighting quota system judge called some boys Biafran boys and bam, those words turned a switch in my body and since then my life has changed.

Then it really dawned on me that no matter what we do as Igbos in Nigeria it is either you are seen as an Omo Nna or Biafran boys, so I was like it is Biafra or nothing, I am done with Nigeria, I don't want this country anymore.

And as I began to dig I found out so many things and patterns and how the Igbos have been marginalized in this hell hole, we are the greatest tribe in Africa for crying out loud, for over 50 years we have no airport or seaport, I mean it is just wickedness against a particular tribe, Nigerians are wicked people and the worse part when Igbos say they want to leave they say NO.

And Buhari made it worse day by day the man shows his hate for Igbos, recently you heard him saying he would kill Igbos and he described us as a dot with nowhere to go if you are a Lagos and Abuja Igbo and your eyes are still not open then go and do a DNA test and find out if you are truly an Igbo man or woman, I have written about the Fulanis a lot because I discovered a pattern that they use and I have also written about the Ijaws and ikewerres and busted their lies and emotional blackmails

We have seen or heard the audio of the rep member saying they would take Igbo properties in Abuja, well I have written letters to Igbos in the North telling them to come back home and they should learn from those thieves in Port Harcourt how they stole Igbo properties.

I sleep and eat Biafra and I won't be stopping and in fact Nigeria gives me things to write about and my research gives me a lot of info and I think ahead and I won't stop writing because my keypad is my weapon and my kids would read about everything that I have written and they would know I did my part for Biafra, Nigeria is dead to me so this was how my Biafran journey started, how did yours start?please share

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