Wednesday, June 16, 2021

 No Igbo Man Has Been President Since The Killing Of Aguiyi Ironsi

We know the Igbos have been marginalized in Nigeria and I would give you some proof and we all know the Igbos are one of the major tribe in Nigeria and it is an open secret that they have not been allowed to rule Nigeria since after the Fulanis killed the Igbo military head of state Aguiyi Ironsi.

The Fulanis hate the Igbos so much because we had an Ijaw man that accidentally became the president of Nigeria and we won't forget the drama that happened when Yaradua was sick the Fulanis refused to hand over power and after they had no choice they promised to make his government ungovernable which they did by creating Boko haram. We Igbos are proud that we fully supported GEJ.

Now I hope you understand why the Igbos have a valid reason for agitating for their own country and it is obvious that in 2023 the Fulanis would never allow an Igbo man to become president because the only people the Fulanis fear in Nigeria are Igbos they know they can't control the Igbos and they can't predict the outcome of an Igbo presidency with all the money they are enjoying now they control everything now from CBN to NNPC.

The Fulanis always tell the Igbos to lobby other regions to become president but we all know that the Fulanis have mastered the act of democracy and they know democracy is about numbers and they know they can easily import their brothers from the Sahel or use kids to vote, we all know the Fulanis would never support an Igbo man to be president and they structured Nigeria in a way to give the North political advantage over the south unless the Fulani can find an Igbo slave like the warrant governor in IMO state then they can vote for him because they know they would still be in control.

What the Fulanis hate the most is not to be in control, they say Nigeria belongs to them and therefore, they must be the ones to make and remove presidents and it was so bad that even people in the North from the same party as GEJ worked against him,

So we must understand that the concerns of the Igbos are valid and they have the right to become the president of Nigeria and as it is now no Igbo man would support an Igbo politician running for office because the Fulanis won't support the politician the people want they would only install the one they can control and we Igbos are tried of Nigeria and we want our own country and nothing will stop us.

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