Thursday, June 10, 2021

 Igbos A Prosperous Tribe Held By The Neck In Nigeria

We Igbos have gotten used to threats by other ethnic groups in Nigeria, we have no right to talk in Nigeria, if we talk they say your people are in the North and they have properties and we would destroy them, oh you have a lot to lose, so don't talk just endure the injustice and pain.

When did it become a crime to invest in One Nigeria like they call it, do you want the Igbos to be silent against Injustice and oppression? just because they have decided to invest in your land and to keep the economy moving even after giving them 20 pounds after the war, you people must do more research on the Igbos we are different beings, we fear no man, God created us differently and we can never keep quiet in the face of oppression, intimidation and tyranny.

I am advising all the Igbos in the North start moving your investments to Igbo land or elsewhere in the south aside rivers state because we know those ones are thieves that would kill Igbos and take their properties like the northerners.

Enough of this investment blackmail, ,USA and Israel were one of the largest investors in Iran, and in fact, Israel used to train the Iranians but guess what they are enemies today, we must not allow ourselves to be blackmailed just because we have investments in the North, I say the North because Igbos investments in Yoruba nation is safe, Yorubas are law-abiding people they won't steal Igbo properties because they never did after the civil war.

Look people from the North, the Igbos won't stop talking and agitating for Biafra, you can take the properties if you like but be ready to face sanctions from the International community because this is not 1967, we are going to re-acquire properties because God is with the Igbo people, so we are calling your bluff go ahead and try it because like it or not Nigeria is breaking and you people know this truth this is why you are not attacking Igbos like you always do or like you have done in the past, I wrote more about it here, Nigeria is gone the earlier you realize it the better, is it not by force to live with you people we want freedom and freedom we shall achieve.

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