Wednesday, June 23, 2021

 Igbos Won't Stop Talking About Igbos You Killed

You know I get this a lot anytime I post an article they say oh he is talking about Igbos that died during the war, well I won't stop talking as long as the Jews won't stop talking about Jews that Hitler killed me as an Igbo man won't stop talking and in fact, I am doing more research to find out more because we know the Nigerian government committed a lot of atrocities during the war imagine then we had no Internet, just imagine what they would have done even now that we have Internet they are doing worse, they raped and looted Igbos properties during the war and I have video evidence, an article coming soon.

Just letting you know that I won't stop talking until we achieve freedom and even after that I would still keep on talking, you can't kill over 5million and expect us to keep quiet never it won't happen.

I wrote about it here how you killed us and I am letting you know that we remember and we would tell the stories to our kids and our kids would tell their kids and the cycle would continue and we shall never stop talking even if you ask for forgiveness we won't stop talking.

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