Sunday, June 13, 2021

 Ikonso,Biggie,Dragon:Brave Biafran Freedom Fighters

I saw a Facebook post by Massob mocking Ikonso, Biggie, and Dragon and it hit me that these men are actually BRAVE MEN and these men did what we could not do and even what Uwazurike could not do, Uwazurike have been selling the Biafran lies for over 22yrs and I am saying to myself when will this man give us Biafra after another 22yrs?

Before you type trash on Twitter,Facebook or Nairaland I want you to know that these men were brave, and just imagine if they had tanks or armored vehicles, believe me, Nigerian Fulani army would be no match for them.

You know Ikonso, Biggie and Dragon are the kind of men we need to get Biafra, look you are dealing with Fulanis and not the British, Fulanis are savages and they obey no law and they are corrupt and I wrote about them here, we Igbos must respect those men and women willing to put their lives on the line to give us freedom.

I say to Igbos always talking down on Biafra on Twitter and Facebook, I tell them revolutions are not won on social media they are won on the ground with men fighting the battle, look at Ambazonia, everyone is fighting for freedom, but greedy Igbos are our problem, the Fulanis don't care if you are Massob or Ipob to them you are Igbos.

So before you type any hate about Biggie,Ikonso or Dragon always remember that they died for us and once we achieve Biafra we must have a place to remember them plus our 1967 heroes and heroines, these men were brave freedom fighters, ready to die for Biafra and I say to Igbos if you are not ready to die for Biafra please stop talking down on Those putting their lives on the line.

Ikonso, Biggie and Dragon would forever remain hero's and freedom fighters that gave their lives for the restoration of Biafra, they died for us always remember that, rest on hero's as we would never forget you.

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