Wednesday, June 23, 2021

 Ipob Is Igbo And Igbo Is Ipob

First, before you all start yapping, I am not a member of  Ipob but I am smart enough to know that one way or the other I am Ipob, I am Massob, and the other pro-Biafra groups, you can't run away from it and Igbos should know that we are dealing with people from futa Jalon aka Fulanis and not the British, these people don't care If you, not Ipob or Massob, as long as you are from dot Republic or you are Biafran boys or you are Yamiri, Then you are Ipob to them and they would kill you.

In Benue do you think they ask them if you are Tiv or Idoma, no they remove their head, and you one Nigeria Igbos when would you receive sense? You Abuja and Lagos Igbos are our major problem maybe soon we would start pelting you fools with eggs, maybe then you would receive sense, you Abuja/northern Igbos are just Fulani suya and nothing more so keep on shouting one Nigeria.

When would you fools receive sense even Buhari said all of you Igbos are Ipob because they know we are all Ipob regardless, so if you like try to be the nice guy, the Fulanis man still sees you as Ipob so use your brain and be ready to defend yourself because when the time comes they won't ask if you belong to Ipob before they remove your head

Lastly, Ipob is Igbo and Igbo is ipob yes Nnamdi Kanu is not the leader of Igbos or Biafra but he is the leader of ipob, have it at the back of your mind that you are ipob regardless because the Fulanis see all Igbos as Biafrans aka IPOB, Kanu is not your leader but please remember you are Igbo and a Biafran and always be ready to defend yourselves and do not be naive or else you will all die, TY Danjuma said it already.

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