Monday, June 7, 2021

 Dollar Is 500naira And No protest  Have We All Gone Mad

I was reading about the dollar is and as a traveler, this affects me a lot, I mean a lot because you can't go to the bank and get dollars those idiots at the bank would direct you to the Northern man or Aboki like we call them to buy from them at the black market rate, thinking about Nigeria sometimes always make be go crazy and I am not alone, why Is the messiah of anti-corruption allowing this mess to go on? Why are the crooks in EFCC allowing this nonsense to continue? Why is Buhari not shutting down the black market dollar business?

Ask yourself would Buhari allow this nonsense if the business was dominated by Southerners or Igbos we saw how they banned cryptocurrency because it was dominated by people from the south the Abokis know nothing about cryptocurrency.

Are some people born to suffer in Nigeria and some born to enjoy? These are the questions that you must ask yourself and decide if you still want to stay in this slave cage called Nigeria, why would some  Hausa and Fulanis be given full access to the CBN of Nigeria to do as they like? They buy dollars at a normal rate and sell to us higher and the banks are thieves working with these people. Thieves all of them, cooperate, thieves,

Everyone should be able to walk into any bank in Nigeria or a registered BDC and buy dollars at the official rate, how come there is no protest? We remember how APC cried when dollars was 216 and today it is 500, are people so scared of Buhari that they decided to keep mute, shame on those that imposed this 1983 failure on us like I call him.

We Igbos are right to demand freedom because I really can't endure this slavery anymore, enough of this Buhari corruption, if this is not corruption then tell me the definition of corruption. We want total freedom. from The Fulanis so they can do as they like in their Arewa Republic.

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