Friday, June 18, 2021

 Is The EU, UK, USA, And The World Not Ashamed Of Nigeria

I am so ashamed of the UK, USA, and the EU and most times I asked myself if those people are alright or don't you think they need  medical checkup? Why do these countries keep on supporting and propping a failed regime and a failed country, these people joined people with different cultures and religions, and today they are still willing to continue patching the country for their own selfish gain and that is oil yes we know.

I am a fan of Armenia the only recognized Christian country in the world and do you know the UK, USA, EU turned a blind eye and allowed Azerbaijan to bomb them because of oil and remember the president of Azerbaijan is a dictator, so don't let these countries like EU, USA, and the UK preach democracy to you these people are in it for oil and this was why the British shamelessly supported Nigeria to kill Igbos.

The reason for writing this is because of what happened when the Nigerian government summoned the USA, UK, and EU to talk about the Twitter Ban and guess what happened during the meeting power went off, I know right, do you know why it is a big deal? It is because it is a normal occurrence in Nigeria and not a one-time thing, it happens daily in Nigeria and in fact as at today many people don't have power and after 60yrs in Nigeria, a country forcefully joined by the British can not boast of 24/7 electricity, join me in saying a loud and big SHAME.

Shame on the USA, EU, and the UK for supporting this failed country.

Do these countries not know that we can do better if we have a separate country I mean if we have Yoruba nation and Biafra, why are they hell bend on keeping us together against our will and hey EU I thought it is a crime to hold some one against his or her will? Why do you keep supporting this madness, look we have oil in Igbo land we would give you, negotiate with us because we are tired of this slavery.

power went off during twitter ban meeting

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