Thursday, June 10, 2021

 Is Nigeria Truly One? Is Nigeria A Big Lie?

As an Igbo man that grew up in Eko, I have always believed in one Nigeria, but as I was growing up and started understanding things I realized Nigeria is the biggest fraud on earth, in my opinion, and I would keep on saying it Nigeria should have never been one country, I mean we are different in everything, we have different cultures and languages, how on earth to you mix different people together and you expect it to work? Even India and Pakistan broke up.

I would just ask the readers a few questions and you can decide for yourself

How come we have no international airport in southeastern Nigeria? A region with the largest amount of travelers.

How come we have no seaport in South Eastern Nigeria? A region with the highest number of importers

How come all  Major military installations are located in one particular region?

How come we demand of state of origin in everything?

Why can't a Yoruba man be governor in Igbo land? but a Yoruba man can be a legislator in the UK

Why do we give appointments based on tribe instead of merits?

How come the region that produces the oil is not like Dubai but like Somalia?

If you finish answering the questions then tell me if Nigeria is a scam or not 

Nigeria is the biggest lie ever and a country built in lies can never work and this is why Nigeria is on extra time, the referee would soon blow the final whistle.

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