Sunday, June 27, 2021

Tinubu Shouldn't Have Formed An Alliance With Buhari

It would have been better if Tinubu didn't form an alliance with buhari because he knew it was a worthless risk that would lead nowhere and infact he could have contested for president then divide the votes and gej would have won and Tinubu would still be Tinubu the man everyone respects and buhari would have retired daura, because the man should have been banned from ever running for office, infact Inec should not have sold him any form Tinubus legacy would have still been intact but his legacy now is damaged because he would forever be remembered as the yoruba man that let the fulanis in, and immediately the fulanis took over they betrayed tinubu just like they have always done, remember buharis first statement. I belong to nobody, it was directed at Tinubu and this recent one where he said don't sit down and lagos and then determine what happens in Abuja that was a TKO to tibubu.

Our politicians are not political strategist all they do is where their belle face and they do it for their own self fish interest, Tinubu would have been better with good luck and if gej had won in 2015, Tinubu would have been the next president because Buhari would have lost hope to run again, a real strategist would never have risked such, just look at all of them that followed Buhari like Dino melaye didn't he come out and apologize to gej?

I would give you a quick example, I studied the Ijaws as well and I know they cant be trusted to stand on their words and their envy and jealousy for Igbos would always overshadow their loyalty, so never in my life can you go into any political deal with the Ijaws because I already know the outcome so why do it? I would rather they have their own country and we sign deals on paper, so that if they go back on their word there would be consequences, no gentle man agreement.

So tinubu is not a strategist but he is just smart but not smarter than the Fulanis, look Fulanis would rather support PDP Atiku to win instead of giving power to tinubu, they know tinubu is smarter than them and they can't control him, Fulanis control. because the man is a god in Lagos, the only option for  tinubu  now is to break away from the Fulanis and save himself from further embarrassment

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