Tuesday, June 15, 2021

 One Nigeria: Too Late To Go Back To The 1963 Constitution

We all see our useless wicked and palliatives stealing politicians running up and down trying to review a slave constitution a constitution that kept people in slavery for many years, a Fulani master plan to enslave us like usman dan fodio wanted, these useless bunch are just wasting their time and I ask myself are these criminals too dumb or they just refuse to reason properly? We want freedom I mean total freedom and not any useless constitutional amendments.

Some were even talking of the 1963 bla bla bla constitution, why is it that Nigeria like moving backwards? Then use am swear for una ni, means are you people cursed? How will you be asking for 1963 constitution in 2021?are you people alrite? What is in this Nigeria that is sweeting the fulanis while giving a bitter taste in the mouth to those in the south?

These people don't just get it we want total freedom so even if you write a new constitution it still won't work, I don't want to stay in the same country with a fulani man anymore, they can come to igbo land with a visa good, but I can't live with them no more enough is enough, we want freedom now, total freedom.

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