Friday, June 25, 2021

 Igbo Leaders Give Igbos Loan For Cow Business

I have talked about what I see as hypocrisy by my people here, they say they don't want the Fulani but they keep buying the Fulani cows, and don't get me wrong I still want the business to continue, but to keep the Fulanis away we must Boycott Fulani cows that not in a ranch and Igbos should invest in ranching.

Igbo Leaders should give me land and interest-free loans to be able to build the ranch so they can buy cows from where ever and put them in the ranch.

If you want to keep the Fulanis at bay you must stop buying their cows for now because we know many Igbo businessmen always buy Fulani cows even Uwazurike said it himself that he buys Fulani cows, you can't eat your cake and hate it, look for other places to buy your cows from.

I hate hypocrisy you can't be complaining about Fulanis while you still go and buy their cows and they bring them for you down south and start eating the crops of your own Igbo people, we must stop this nonsense, the only way to stop this Fulani menace is to stop eating cow meat or stop buying Fulani cows.

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