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Wake Up And Take Back Your Land Hausa People

Growing up we use to live peacefully with the Hausa people and we never had any issues with them and I remember then some of my uncles that lived in the North would come to our house and would take us to the nearest Hausa shop to buy biscuits and he would be speaking Hausa with them, I liked the language since then and I actually have some few Hausa friends.

Nobody told us anything about the civil war the Fulanis made sure they scrubbed it from our schools, even while in primary school we used to learn the Hausa language and I still remember some few lines even though it was decades ago, we know Hausa participated in the war but after we had no issues with them and in fact everyone from the North we see in the south we call them Hausa and we never knew the main man behind the masquerade are the Fulanis a minority group that is not indigenous to Nigeria a group that came from Futa Jalon and entered Nigeria by starting a jihad against the Hausa population.

Ask everyone you know they would tell you that Hausas are kind people and their kindness made them lose the land, Usman Dan fo Dio the Fulani jihadist came to Hausa land and the nice Hausa people offered him land and welcomed him and later this man turned around and said Hausas do not practice the real Islam and he declared a jihad on them and killed them and took over their land and in a bid to cover his tracks he made sure the Fulanis married the Hausa and remember the Hausa women had to choose it was jihad just like ISIS did, this is why you hear Hausa/Fulani, Dan fo dio made sure they intermarried so as not to leak the scam.

Gobir was a city-state in what is now Nigeria, Founded by the Hausa in the eleventh century, Gobir was one of the seven original kingdoms of Hausa land, and continued under Hausa rule for nearly seven hundred years. Its capital was the city of Alkalawa. In the early 19th century elements of the ruling dynasty fled north to what is today Niger from which a rival dynasty developed ruling as Sarkin Gobir (Sultan of Gobir) at Tibiri. In 1975 a reunited traditional sultanate took up residence in Sabon Birni, Nigeria.

Fulbe Jihad

Gobir is particularly remembered as the chief opponent of Fulani Islamic reformer Usman dan Fodio. Bawa, a ruler of Gobir, appears to have invited dan Fodio to the area in 1774; dan Fodio made his home in the small town of  Degel, and began preaching. Dan Fodio was given some role in the education of Bawa's nephew and later successor, Yunfa (r.1803-8), but also publicly attacked what he saw as the abuses of the Hausa elite, particularly the burden they placed on the poor.

When Yunfa took the throne in 1803, he soon found himself in conflict with dan Fodio, and after failing to assassinate him, exiled dan Fodio and his followers from Degel. Dan Fodio responded by assembling the nomadic Fulani clans into a jihadist army, beginning the Fulani War. Despite some initial successes by the forces of Gobir and the other Hausaland states (most notably at the Battle of Tsuntua), dan Fodio continued to take surrounding territory. His forces seized the Gobir capital, Alkalawa, in October 1808, killing Sarkin Yunfa. The state was then partially absorbed into the Fulani Empire.

Today Gobir is called Sokoto and they erased every Hausa history and today the Fulanis are ruling the Hausas and I ask the Hausa people would you stand up and fight and take back your land or  Continue the slavery of your forefathers, the time To fight is now so you can take back what belongs to you and remember Nigeria is breaking up and if you don't act now you would still. Remain under Fulani slavery

 You can have your own Hausa nation, you have the numbers already, do not allow the Fulanis tell you what to do on your own land, we in the south do not have a problem with you, but with the Fulanis, we have lived with you for many years without no issues, but the Fulanis are the problem we have. Stand up and fight for your right.

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